4 Occasions That Are Incomplete Without A Designer Saree

Saree is something that enhances your feminine charm in a completely different kind of way. You look beautiful, sensuous and sophisticated at the same in a designer saree adorned with the right kind of jewellery. Whether you’re attending a wedding function or meeting your parents for Thanksgiving, a designer saree gives you all the reasons to look gorgeous.

Let’s give you a list of four occasions, where donning a saree will help you stand out from the crowd.

A wedding

The Asian wedding functions last for days at a stretch. If you are attending one, you should try wearing a saree to acknowledge the Asian customs and show your respect for their traditions. Not only will your host be delighted to see you in a saree but you’ll also create quite an impression. Needless to say, you’ll feel like a significant part of the gathering, besides looking beautiful.

Asian festivals

The Asians love to celebrate their festivals with much grandeur, and clothing plays an important part in it. If you’re attending one of them, you can try wearing a saree fit for the occasion. For example, if it’s a Hindu festival, buy a gorgeous silk saree in red or some other bold shades, and if it’s a Muslim festival like ‘Eid’, you can go for a green silk saree or a bold black one.


Do you have Asian parents or relatives? Give them the joy of seeing you in a saree at Thanksgiving. This will be a unique way of letting them know that you respect their traditions. You can wear the saree in a modern style to feel less awkward and more comfortable with yourself.

Formal/social functions

Everyone adores Asian outfits, and saree is one of their favourites. If you can manage to don one at your boss’ engagement, who happens to be an Asian, you’re going to make a dramatic impression on the guests, as well as your host. Make sure you pair it up with exquisite jewellery and the right pair of shoes.

Wrapping it up

Wearing a saree dress may be more difficult than finding an online fashion hub for the same. However, you can refer to the tutorials on YouTube to wear your saree just right. You need not be conventional in your style. Just make sure you’re comfortable in your style while creating a lasting impression on the onlookers. Not to forget, wear the saree confidently, as if you have been wearing it for a while now.

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